I teach journalism at RMIT University in Melbourne, passing on my 26 years experience as a journo/presenter at the ABC.

I’m also completing a PhD. I was in Greece in November-December 2017 doing research for a drams-based PhD I’m writing about my grandmother, Olga Stambolis, who was a spy in Greece in WW2. I drove in the central and northern parts of Greece, through where the andartes (resistance fighters) did their thing against the Germans. We went on roads that were almost impassible in 1941 to see the villages, places like Theodoriana and Rendina. Then on to Greek Macedonia and back down the path taken by the Germans as they moved towards Athens in April 1941. This invasion was the beginning of a tragedy that killed 100,000 Greeks, including many in villages across the country.

See the section “Greece 2017” for my daily updates during the trip.

Please feel free to get in contact, either about my work as a broadcaster, an RMIT academic, or as the author of this this bit of Greek history.